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Fred Noble for President

After writing about each of the candidates in a very, well, candid way, I decided that I better at least state what I believe and what I would run on if I were going for the Presidential nod.

Issue 1: Abortion

I believe that conception begins the life cycle of a human being and, since what is in the womb is a human being, it deserves rights as any other human being deserves. I will never understand what a woman goes through when she contemplates abortion. I will never understand what goes through her head as she comes to the conclusion that abortion is her final choice. But I also know that God formed us in the womb. If we read Psalm 139:13-16, we get that understanding. Those verses alone are even more amazing when we realize that the author didn’t have the medical understanding we do today. He didn’t really understand eggs and sperm, he didn’t understand how only a few weeks after the woman is pregnant that a human heart starts to beat, and he didn’t know that before the 3rd month of pregnancy is up, that fingers are forming and brain waves are detectable.

So that said, I would vote against stem cell research from aborted fetuses and from causes of infanticide. I oppose federal abortion funding. I support giving legal status and rights to the unborn.

Issue 2: The Economy

We need to stimulate this economy. As a small business owner, I know how much harder the government has made it for small businesses to succeed. Whether that would be the tax shelters that the Republicans have provided for large businesses or the increased taxes on small businesses that the Democrats have created, we need to improve what made this country great, the small business owner. I do believe that women deserve equal pay to men, but that if we are going to provide that, we need to also provide the same leave options for men after their family has had a baby.

I wholeheartedly support mandating Spanish classes in our schools. This will give us more of a competitive edge as those students enter the job market.

We need to lower the corporate tax rate, but that lowering also needs to be extended to sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and small corporations. The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. If we lower that, it will stimulate productivity among our corporations and will improve our unemployment rate. Lowering that rate will be felt by companies that are helping to fix the transportation and internet infrastructures throughout the country. We will see increased hiring by those companies as those projects ramp up more and more.

I propose no funding or tax breaks for companies that openly peddle vice addictions. Those would be pornography, gambling, smoking, alcohol, and food. I realize this statement may get me in trouble, especially with my career in the food industry, but removing the shelters for those companies will cause them to be more careful of what they distribute.

I am for increasing the minimum wage, but not to the level that the Democrats are proposing. I do believe that $10 is not out of the question, but the simple fact remains that the amount of training and education required for a dishwasher or cashier is significantly less than one of the apprenticeship trades. So if we are going to require that foodservice workers are paid equal or more than them, we need to raise the bar on everyone from senior leadership on down to dishwashers.

We need to modify Obamacare. The burden on small business is just way too great. When I, as a small business owner, had to go onto the exchange, my healthcare benefit costs skyrocketed from $60/month to $274/month. My prescriptions went from $10/prescription to over $100 for a single asthma inhaler and $399 for a maintenance asthma inhaler. I will explain Obamacare later.

We need to mandate a “loser pays” mentality for lawsuits. This would discourage frivolous lawsuits and hopefully lower insurance costs, especially for companies.

Issue 3: Civil Rights

Gay marriage is not a civil right. Being homosexual is a choice. Being black or white is determined at birth. Homosexuality is not determined at birth, it is a conscious choice one makes. We need to be a country that stands for a belief we were founded on, and that would include the definition of marriage as one man and one woman. Providing right for partners is important, however. The union of those couples cannot be withheld, as our freedom of expression is at stake. But redefining the definition of marriage is unacceptable.

I support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

We need to eliminate all vestiges of racism in America. We also need to eliminate all vestiges of religious intolerance in America. As for racism, the laws for hate crimes (for any reason) need to include the death penalty and have much more harsh penalties for those who are included in a hate crime (to include bullying). With religious tolerance, we need to be prepared to allow those who start companies that are based on religious principles the ability to manage their company as they wish. Only the basics of fair wage needs to be mandated. The consumer will vote with their money whether that company should continue to be in business. That is not for litigators to determine.

Issue 4: Crime, Drugs, Gun Control

We need to control how a person gets a gun. Yes we are required to allow people the ability to get a gun for those who are to protect the United States. We are not required to make it easy for them. We are not required to subsidize them. We are not required to provide weapons to those who can’t pass a basic test about our government or even understand what our government is based on.

On the other side, we need to improve the salaries of officers, provide them a better quality of life, and arm them better against a new generation of criminal.

We need to mandate life in prison for all repeat sex offenders and strengthen the laws against trafficking and prostitution.

I would remove the legal status for marijuana and increase the strength of the penalty for possessing and/or distributing any drugs to anyone. This is not a state choice, it needs to be a federal mandate.

Issue 5: Education

We need to provide parents the options and subsidies to be able to send their kids to the school of their choice, not necessarily a federally public school. This would include private and faith-based schools.

We need to prepare children for the global marketplace by mandating 2 languages to be learned throughout their educational time.

Issue 6: Environment, Energy and Oil

We need to become a leader in renewable energy. Wind, solar, and other alternative energy choices need to be vetted and converted to in places where it is cost efficient to do so. We need to fix the environment through both a free market and government mandate. We should improve our mass transit infrastructure. This will come through reducing taxes on smaller, privately held companies and corporations.

I do believe that the EPA needs to have a bigger bite when it comes to protecting our environment. Right now they don’t have enough employees and they also don’t have the ability to hold people accountable. They must be granted the manpower and the ability.

Issue 7: Foreign Policy, Free Trade

Our country needs to be impressive when it comes to international trade and foreign policy. Countries that risk destruction of the free world need to be dealt with whether we have ally support or not. North Korea is a criminal syndicate, not a foreign government. ISIS is killing people and not being dealt with.

We should improve relations and trade with Mexico and partner with them it improve their economy, which will reduce the amount of immigrants coming to our country from there. We need to embrace the reality of globalization and international trade. We need to lead the way on that, not fall behind other countries.

Issue 8: Government Reform

Elections should be capped to a mandatory of $100,000 in funds for every candidate and any evidence of lobbyist funding will result in immediate legal action up to and including life in prison.

Issue 9: Health Care

Modify Obamacare. We DO need to provide healthcare to ALL American citizens. But we cannot destroy the system for everyone else. For those in the middle class, the current Obamacare has caused significant cost increases. The insurance companies boasted the highest profits ever since Obamacare became law.

But we will need to provide health care to all. Those who fall below the poverty line (which needs to be updated) will receive free healthcare. Those in the middle class will be required to accept their employer’s plan or be provided 3 options for government insurance: Low, Middle and High.

Issue 10: Immigration

We need to increase the amount of people who are legally allowed into the country each year. Right now we sit at 750,000. That total should go to between 1-1.5 million. Those who are already in the country, if they do not have a criminal background or history, we will offer them citizenship. For those with a dangerous background, we will deport them.

There will be no wall built, but we will increase the number of agents at the border and arm them better.

Those are simply 10 of the issues. I have many other views on how I would handle welfare, poverty, war, technology, tax reform and social security. But this gives you an idea about me.

You should now realize that I do not attribute myself to the Republican party. I also do not attribute myself to the Democratic party. I am also not Socialist, Communist, or any other “-ist.”

I hold Christian values.

Biblical principles.

I vote how my Bible guides me to vote. And I will stand up for what my Bible tells me to stand up for.

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